Delight Christmas 2022

015180R Sovereign Coffee Pot H23cm x 23cm x Ø14cm x 1L

015270 Sense Tea Cup Pair H5.5cm x Ø5.5cm x 7cL

015250 Atiya Coffee Set Pot H22.5cm x 20cm x 11cm x 1.2L

015183R Erik Magnussen Rocking Sugar Bowl H4cm x Ø6.5cm

015262 Five Elements Coffee Set Coffee pot H21cm x 20cm x Ø10cm x 1.2L

014413R 8515 Tea Caddy H16.5cm x Ø9cm x approx 250g capacity

015187RG Sovereign Gift-boxed Tea Set Teapot H19cm x 23cm x Ø14cm x 96cL

015143R Sovereign Cream Jug H6cm x 12.5cm x Ø10cm x 20cL

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