Delight Christmas 2022

Tamarillo Spritz By Samuel Cocks 30ml Gin 40ml Red Szechuan cordial 3x Lime Leaves 4x Slices Tamarillo 90ml Soda

Add all ingredients into a shaker then muddle in the lime leaves and tamarillo. Add ice then hard shake. Double strain then top up with soda.

Ape & Coffee By CK Kho 30ml Monkey Shoulder

Stir all ingredients together and add ice. Garnish with dill sprigs and serve.

15ml Bol's Genever 30ml Antica Formula 10ml Coffee Liqueur

Coffee Summer Cup By Jack Jamieson 40ml VSOP Cognac 30ml Rosso Vermouth 30ml Dry CuraƧao Liqueur

Take a lemon and cut off a small circle of peel. Add to the base of the highball. After that, add 1 tsp of brown sugar and muddle with the peel until the sugar starts to dissolve. Then, add 10ml fresh espresso and stir to dissolve sugar. Add the rest of the ingredients and fill with ice, stir and top up with grapefruit soda.

10ml Espresso 1 lemon coin 1 tsp light brown sugar Top up with grapefruit soda

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