Delight Christmas 2022

Exclusive Christmas Cocktail Recipes Discover our specially-curated bar menu of classic and creative recipes from mixologists from around the globe.

Sherry Swizzle By Jack Jamieson

Add all ingredients to the shaker. Fill with ice and shake for 30 seconds.

45ml Sherry cask whisky 15ml Cream of coconut 20ml PX Sherry 20ml Coffee Liqueur 30ml Fresh espresso

Fill highball with crushed ice, strain shaker over top. Top with more crushed ice and grate over tonka bean or other aromat of choice.

Jack Jamieson, United Kingdom Prior to becoming a mixologist, Jack experimented with various cocktail recipes and showcased them on his social media. Over the years, he acquired knowledge of cultures and cuisines from people and distillers across the world, which influenced his approach to mixing flavours and experimenting with recipes. His fascination with botanical aromas, curious marketing and unrestricted access to bar accessories led him to learn mixology.

Samuel Cocks, Australia Sam has a passion for native botanicals and their various uses in cocktails. He launched Bar Rogue, the sister venue to the famed La Rebelle in Perth, where his venue has a wine focus - but includes a well-curated cocktail and spirit list. Samuel opened Volare in the Maylands suburb in 2022. His new venue takes on a coastal European-themed aperitif bar.

CK Kho, Malaysia CK Kho owns the Coley Cocktail Bar, a well-loved bar in Kuala Lumpur. Under CK's leadership, Coley bagged The 2017 Bar Awards ‘Best Hospitality Team’, ‘Best Cocktail Bar’, and ‘Bartender of the Year’ awards. The bar also made its way to the Asia's 50 Best Bars list, coming in at No. 46 in 2018, and No. 27 in 2019. CK continues to contribute to the rising bar scene in Kuala Lumpur with a second bar specializing in gin named Pahit.

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