Delight Christmas 2022

Festive Glow

0131015R Crystalline Candle Stand TL H27.5 cm x Ø12.5cm

0131005R Miami Candlestand TL H29cm x Ø10cm

Add dimension and drama to the dining table with candlelight.

A pair of classic candlesticks creates an elegant setting with a timeless look. To create a high-low effect, try placing candlesticks of varying heights on just one side of a table.

Sense’ sage-scented candles release a crisp and earthy aroma that will help your guests to relax and unwind at your Christmas party. The candles, in reusable pewter bowls are available in 3 sizes: mini, medium and large.

0133012R Mallea Vase H23cm x Ø11.5cm

0143009R Jefferson Container H5.5cm x 10.5cm x 7.5cm

0131033 Sense 3-wick Sage Candle H7.5cm x Ø15.5cm including lid, burn time approx 55 hours


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