Royal Selangor North America Trade Catalogue 2023


Royal Selangor pewter consists of as much as 97% of high quality tin, with a small proportion of copper and antimony added to strengthen the alloy. All Royal Selangor pewter is lead-free and food safe. Pewter’s unique characteristics, its low melting point and relative softness, make it ideal for craftsmen and designers to work with. Loved for its versatility and feel, it can be fashioned in a variety of finishes – a traditional soft satin lustre, a dazzling brilliance that rivals silver or a subdued ‘antique’ finish.

Royal Selangor produces high quality cast pewter, which is heavier and stronger than spun pewter. When struck gently, it produces a resonant sound.

Casting The design of the piece is reproduced in pewter.

Filing Excess pewter and parting lines are removed to reveal fine details.

Scotching The surface undergoes scotching to achieve a smooth sheen.

Hammering Flat pewter sheets acquire a richly dimpled texture using this traditional method.

Machine Polishing The piece undergoes meticulous hand guided machine polishing.

Buffing A bright finish is achieved when the piece goes through hand guided machine buffing.


Time-honoured techniques of creating handcrafted objects.

With over 250 skilled craftspeople and a 40-strong in-house design team, we have expanded the uses of pewter, exploring its many possibilities from children's gifts, wine accoutrements to personal accessories.

Soldering Requisite parts are soldered together, a process that requires speed and precision.

Hand Polishing Fine corners and edges are carefully hand polished, leaving a perfect finish.

Engraving Personalise the piece with a special hand engraved message.

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