Royal Selangor Australia Trade Catalogue Spring/ Summer 2022/2023



012929R Hexagon Corkscrew H10cm x 8cm x 2cm

Distinctly 20th century, but no less appealing, perhaps even more so in the 21st ,the mid-century style is as nostalgic as it is futuristic. Deriving from the Bauhaus movement by way of Internationalism, the sleek modernity of the design style reflects the confidence of the post-war era. The Bar collection parlays the exuberant architectural, interiors and graphic design style of the mid 20th century into an array of suave bar accessories, made for entertaining and the enjoyment of that mid-century requisite, the cocktail.



Top Seller 014640R

Top Seller 014577R Wine Funnel 17cm x Ø9.5cm

012932R Hexagon Muddler 25.5cm x Ø3cm

012931R Hexagon Bottle Opener 10.5cm x 3.5cm

012922R Hexagon Measure H6.5 cm x Ø3.5 cm x 1.5cL & 3cL

014676R Bottle Stopper 10cm x Ø4cm

Wine Pourer 9cm x Ø5cm

Top Seller 012701R Hexagon Hip Flask H9.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm x 10cL small funnel included

014649R Drip Ring H3cm x Ø4.5cm

014678R Bottle Coaster H4.5cm x Ø12.5cm

014677R Corkscrew H11.5cm x 8.5cm x 2cm

012930R Hexagon Bottle Coaster H4cm x Ø9.5cm

0143002R Diamond Nut Bowl H9cm x Ø12.5cm



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