Personalisation Guide The art of expressing appreciation and regard

Gift giving is a beautiful expression of courtesy, gratitude and respect. Corporate Gifting Whether it’s a company anniversary, important milestone, sales incentive or employee award, Royal Selangor’s personalised gift makes the occasion meaningful, ensuring the gift becomes a lifelong memory for the recipient. Personal Gifting Make your gift one-of-a-kind by adding meaningful words, symbols or images. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, festive moments and other special occasions.

Hand Engraving

A time-honoured craft at Royal Selangor, an artisan uses a small steel graver to embellish a pewter surface with letters or characters.

Standard Engraving

Perfect for embellishing any letter, number, word or design on pewter, glass, wood or other metal surfaces.

For Corporate Gifting Engraving ideas • 130 th Anniversary Celebration • Star Performer • Best Employee Award • Congratulations on Your Retirement • With Our Deepest Appreciation, We Hereby Honour

For Personal Gifting

Engraving ideas • Family Matters • Mum’s Little Treasures • Frolleagues Forever

• My Better Half • Forever Always

Monograms A monogram consists of symbols or motifs created by inscribing two or three overlapping initials of a name. Monograms are popular for personalising items like hip flasks and tankards.

Personal Gifting

Monogram Ideas

Nicholas John Carter

Kevin & Tina

Date or number 11/11

Chinese name 芷若

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is ideal for non-metal surfaces like glass or wood.

Engraving ideas • Farewell • Appreciation Award 2020 • Congratulations on Your Retirement • Golden Jubilee • With Our Deepest Appreciation, We Hereby Honour For Corporate Gifting

Engraving ideas • Happy Birthday • Cheers! • The Legend Has Retired • Dad’s Pick-Me-Up For Personal Gifting

Colour Printing

Logos and coloured images can be imprinted on the surface make a gift more visually striking.

Colour Printing Ideas • Company logo • Team building photo For Corporate Gifting

Colour Printing Ideas • Family photo for an anniversary or birthday • Festive greetings – New Year / Mother’s Day / Raya / Teacher’s Day • Anniversaries / weddings For Personal Gifting

Photo Frames

Engrave a photo frame with important details like date, venue or relevant phrases for a meaningful gift.

0135024 Circles Photo Frame 5R 23.5cm x 18.5cm

013263 Batik Photo Frame, Square 12cm x 12cm

013454 Peony Photo Frame 5R 22.5cm x 17.5cm

0135033R Waikiki Photo Frame 4R H14.5cm x 19cm

0135009R 8515 Photo Frame 8R 33.5cm x 28.5cm

0135031 Gembira Photo Frame 4R H20.5cm x 15.5cm

Tankards A monogrammed tankard makes a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or any special celebration.

012295 Wolf Tankard H14cm x Ø9.5cm x 56cL

012140 Modern Iceberg Tankard H12cm x 13.5 cm x Ø10cm

012284R Philadelphia Tankard H11cm X 14 x Ø10cm x 47cL

012285R Boston Tankard H11cm X 14 x Ø9cm x 47cL

012286 Lewis Tankard H10.5cm x 13cm x Ø9cm x 47cL

012169R Classic Expressions Royal Tankard LG H12cm x 15cm x Ø11cm x 56cL

Drinkware / Glassware

Personalised drinkware or glassware makes a great gift for any housewarming party, wedding or special occasion.

012625 Lewis Drinking Horn H20cm x 11cm x Ø6.5cm x 28.5cL

014198RB Hexagon Whisky Decanter H21.5cm x Ø12.5cm x 75cL

012444RB Diamond Whisky Tumbler Pair H10cm x Ø8.5cm

012445RB Hexagon Whisky Tumbler Pair H10cm x Ø8.5cm

012621R Comet Red Wine Glass H24cm

012620R Meridian Champagne Flute H24cm

Plates / Trays

Ample space for personalisation makes the plate or tray perfect for commemorating a special corporate or personal celebration.

014066 Mandarin Plate MD H1.5cm x 18cm x 18cm

0136005 Goldsborough Valet Tray Ø14cm

013644 Isthmus Plate Ø25.5cm

0136016 Gembira Plate SM Ø20cm

0136013R Burke Tray Ø30.5cm

013851R Sovereign Acanthus Tray Ø30cm


Staining is a process whereby the engraved text is darkened to add contrast and visibility to details.

with staining

without staining

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