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A great way to entertain guests is by demonstrating your mixology skills and stirring up a storm.

Diamond Blue Cocktail

30 ml gin 30 ml creme de violette 15 ml blue curaçao

20 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice 90 ml chilled Champagne, to top Crushed ice Garnish: edible silver powder (optional)

Fill glass with crushed ice. Add gin, creme de violette, blue curaçao and lemon juice into a mixing glass.

Stir the ingredients. Strain the mix into a separate glass containing the champagne. Lastly, garnish with a light dusting of edible silver powder.

Serve and enjoy.

0124014R Toolbar Highball H15.5cm x Ø7cm x 35cL

0129007R Toolbar Bar Spoon 26.5cm Not sold separately

0124011 Spades Whisky Tumbler H9.5cm x Ø8cm x 30cL

0124010 Hearts Whisky Tumbler H9.5cm x Ø8cm x 30cL

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