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Unwind and reset

Finding the time to relax and enjoy quiet moments each day is essential, especially after a long and tiring day.

Creating a space and routine to rest is a great way to reset and recuperate.

015269 Sense Teapot H14cm including handle x 14.5cm x Ø13cm x 60cL

015270 Sense Tea Cup Pair H5.5cm x Ø5.5cm x 7cL

0131033 Sense 3-wick Sage Candle H7.5cm x Ø15.5cm including lid, burn time approx 55 hours

019100 Sense Standing Bell Bell H5.5cm x Ø10cm, Stand H3.5cm x Ø13.5cm, Mallet 18cm x Ø2.5cm

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