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0160008 Ace Poker Set Case H7.5cm x 43cm x 33.5cm x approx 9kg including contents

015700R Woodland Razor

013006R Cube Photoframe 5R 24cm x 18.5cm

0181000 Hardware Cufflinks Ø2cm

0127006 Signature Flask H14.5cm x 8.5cm x 3.5cm x 15cL

0127000 Stag Hip Flask H12.5cm x 9cm x 3cm x 16.5cL

015703RG Woodland Gift-boxed Shaving Set

Razor handle 13cm x Ø1.5cm (14cm x 4cm x 2cm including cartridge razor)

Bowl H4.5cm x Ø11.5cm, brush H10.5cm x Ø6.5cm

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