Craft eBook

0161010 Vapour Fountain Pen Pen 15cm, Case H5cm x 19.5cm x 6cm

0153004 Java Mug H10.5cm x 13cm x Ø9cm x 35cL

016394 Isthmus Letter Opener 14.5cm

016346R Pterodactyl Magnifying Glass H4.4cm x 9cm x 13.5cm

0154001 Java Coffee Dripper Overall H21cm,

0140003 Vapour Desk Clock H9cm x 9cm x Ø9cm

0143007 Savoy Container MD H10cm x Ø10cm

012286 Lewis Tankard H10.5cm x 13cm x Ø9cm x 47cL

Funnel H9cm x 13cm x 8.5cm, Cradle H18cm x 16cm x 7cm

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