2021 Lifestyle Tips and Gift Ideas

A serene mountain-inspired design, evoking peaceful moments of quiet contemplation while sipping your warm cup of favourite tea.

What could be a better gift than this?

015244 Imperial Tea Set Teapot H11cm (H16cm including handle) x 14.5cm x 10.5cm, cup H4cm x Ø6.5cm, tray H2.5cm x 30cm x 25cm

015160 Five Elements Tea Set H13cm x 21.5cm x Ø13cm x 1L, teacup H7cm x Ø7cm, tray 26cm x 26cm

015189 Four Gentlemen Tea Set H12cm x 22cm x 12cm x 96cL, cup H5.5cm x Ø7.5cm, tray 27.5cm x 27.5cm

015117RG Melon Tea Set in Wooden Gift Box H14cm (H18cm including handle) x 20.5cm x Ø17cm x 150cL,

cream jug H9cm x 12cm x Ø10.5cm x 30cL, sugar bowl H8.5cm x Ø10.5cm, tray Ø30.5cm

015267 Cloud Tea Set Teapot H12.5cm (H18cm including handle) x 20.5cm x 9cm x 1L, cup H5.5cm x 7.5cm x 5.5cm, tray 40cm x 29.5cm

015187RG Sovereign Tea Set in Wooden Gift Box Teapot H19cm x 23cm x Ø14cm x 96cL, cream jug H6cm x 12.5cm x Ø10cm, sugar bowl H9.5cm x 14.5cm x Ø10cm, tray Ø30cm

015253 Gembira Tea Set

H16.5cm x 17.5cm x Ø11cm x 95cL, cream jug H8cm x Ø5.5cm x 16cL, sugar bowl H4.5cm x Ø8cm, tray Ø32cm



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