2021 Lifestyle Tips and Gift Ideas

Celestial Wisdom The pursuit of happiness is a journey driven by an inspiring example that pushes us to start exciting new endeavours and relationships that add a richer dimension into our lives. Often, inspiration wears many faces, spans many centuries, and lives big and small. Royal Selangor taps into ancient wisdom and pays tribute to iconic thinker, Confucius (551 - 479 BC) in Celestial Wisdom. Before Confucius’ era, education was the privilege of the aristocrats. The Great Teacher and Sage was an early proponent of making it available to the masses for their own self improvement. Based on the original sculptures in Mr Chiang Yi-tze’s 40 year old private works, Royal Selangor has brought Confucius and his disciples to life, and given visual sense to the humanistic values which form the basis of a richly rewarding life today.



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