2021 Lifestyle Edit Spring/Summer

Inspiring Gifts for Collectors

Limited Edition Gamma Green Hulk Marvel Treasury Edition 5 The explosive dynamism of John Romita’s original 1975 cover art is fully expressed in the Gamma Green Hulk Marvel Treasury Edition #5, limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Visually manifesting his ‘Hulk smash!’ battle cry, Bruce Banner’s green-skinned alter ego displays his brute strength as he punches through a black and white reproduction of the original cover art in dramatic fashion. The pewter sculpture is finished with a striking translucent tint in the Hulk’s signature hue that accentuates the sheen and detailing of the metal beneath. The sculpture is also available in a gilt finish with a black and white comic cover, limited to only 200 pieces worldwide and a pewter version, limited to 500 pieces worldwide.



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